Anglers who are accustomed to multiple fishing techniques will be happy to know that the fisheries offer two main fishing techniques: stationary and spinning. Each category features its own sub-categories, ensuring that everyone can to finfishing-164977_960_720d the preferred “niche,” in accordance with specific requirements.

As to the stationary fishing techniques, the most prominent sub-categories are the coarse and match fishing, which can be performed on any lake, from the numerous collection of water bodies available on the Countryside Fisheries’ grounds. As specified in the introductory pages, the anglers who learn the fisheries’ coarse or match fishing techniques can either bring their own gear or use the one provided by the specialized staff.

In the spinning division, fishermen will benefit from a highly dynamic setup, wherever they prefer to fish. The trained professionals will ensure that everyone will be able to have intimate places and spots for spinning. Since the specialized staff is well aware of the fact that intimacy when it comes to spinning is one of the most important aspects of fishing, which makes the difference between an enjoyable and missed-out spinning session.

To suit the anglers who choose spinning, the Countryside Fisheries will offer an entire fleet of boats which are ready to take everyone on whichever location they prefer. Besides, those who choose this fishing technique will surely have a lot of options in terms of locations. A specialized guide can be assigned to each boat, apart from the boat skipper, who will ensure that people make the most out of the available fishing spots across the extensive river network which constitutes the spinning grounds.

With a total of 89 lakes which boasts of confirmed fish populations in them, and over 145 perennial rivers, the Countryside Fisheries pride themselves in having one of the most extensive and comprehensive fishing domain in the entire country.