Being an island, Great Britain offers considerable fishing opportunities, if you do not happen to live on the coast then many canals, rivers and lakes offer a variety of fishing options. Fishing from boats, beaches, coarse fishing, rod fishing, freshwater and sea angling are just some of the options available. Fishing is one of the most popular participatory sport in the UK, and not only do our natural waters hold fish, but there are considerable fish farms and reservoirs to fish from. Deciding the best fishing towns depends very much on the type of fishing you want to do and the season, in which you want to do it.

 shutterstock_488221909Salmon in Scotland, Sea Trout in Wales

Most fishermen like fishing as it gets them away from the madding crowd, so they tend to root out the smaller lesser known areas Small towns online is an excellent resource for finding those out of the way places. Salmon fishing in Scotland takes place mainly on the rivers Tweed, Dee and Spry but you can find some excellent fishing in Galloway. Newton Stewart is an excellent base from which to try out some of the Galloway rivers, mainly the Cree and Minnoch Waters. Sea trout or sewin can be caught on the River Dovey, stay in the small town of Machynlleth for access to 15 miles of the river.

From North to South

Head to the North pier in Whitehaven, Cumbria for a spot of sea fishing, depending on the season you can catch a range of species from cod to mackerel. Bakewell in the Derbyshire Peak district is also a good base for fly fishing, seeing as not only the famous tart originated from there, apparently, the first fly fishing took place on the river in 1865! The south coast offers countless opportunities for a vast array of fishing. Fancy a spot of sea fishing? Head to Weymouth or the Isle of Portland; the area boasts some of the best angling in the South and both towns have excellent facilities.