People who choose the stationary fishing techniques are in for a treat. Since there are so many lakes to choose from, each with its own different fish species and specific natural habitats, to decide where to enjoy the fishing session can be a burdensome task. Luckily, the staff at the Countryside Fisheries, specializing in location presentation will ensure that everyone will become familiarized with the available options and that those options ardownload-3e clearly and adequately presented, in order to minimize confusion and facilitate the selection process.

Once a preferred location has been determined, people can move on to select the adequate fishing gear. The rental services provide users with the most recent and technically advanced rods and reels, to ensure that the fishing experience isn’t tampered with because of a piece of faulty equipment.

Carbon and hybrid match rods are available, in lengths of 2.4 and up to 4.8 meters, thus satisfying the requirements of even the most demanding anglers. To supplement the excellent rods, the finest reels are offered, imported directly from the Japanese Domestic Market. Brands such as Shimano and Daiwa, are two of the most renowned and reliable reel producers out there, and their products are the permanent choice of the staff who supply rental gear at the fisheries.

Related pieces of equipment, such as waders, rubber boots and specialized clothing can also be provided upon request. Those who wish to take advantage of these additional services must send in their measurements prior to their arrival at the Countryside Fisheries, in order for the specialized staff to fully make sure that the required pieces of equipment are actually in stock.

After getting equipped with all the necessary gear, anglers will be accompanied by their selected guides, to the preferred boat and away to the selected lake location.