Being founded as a “sanctuary” for those who love fishing and would appreciate good company in a spectacular natural scenery, the Countryside Fisheries pimagesrovide anglers and fishing enthusiasts with a “Holy Grail” in terms of fishing possibilities.

Featuring over 3000 square kilometers of fishing domains, with pristine water courses and lakes, the grounds of the Countryside Fisheries stretch far beyond what the eye can see, and have their roots embedded deeply in an underlying passion for fishing and nature itself. It was this intense passion that drove the founders of the fisheries to create such great facilities for the enjoyment of anglers from around the world. This resulted in a truly amazing blend of facilities, making all who attend the Countryside Fisheries feel welcome and at home, at all times.

Those who come here can practice mainly stationary and spinning fishing styles, on both lakes and rivers. No matter what one chooses, one need not leave the facilities disappointed, as the specialized staff comprising of professional anglers, will ensure that everyone has a wonderful time.

People who visit the Countryside Fisheries can either choose to bring their own fishing gear or use the rental services that are at their disposal, according to the package they choose. More information on the various fishing packages are available on the grounds and this can be found on the club membership page of their website. And as to all those who wish to have more information concerning the various predefined offers, they are encouraged to navigate to the specific page.

For the family-oriented persons and even those who wish to bring their dear one with them, the Countryside Fisheries also feature special relaxation areas, where other activities beside fishing can be performed, some of which include golf, cart racing, water polo or even football.