In order to help those who wish to come to the grounds of the fisheries, the website offers a multitude of resources that can be used when traveling by car. For those people who wish to leave their vehicles at home in order to avoid any possible additional hassle and troubles, the Countryside Fisheries features an exclusive shuttle service, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thereby ensuring that everyone is picked up from the nearest airport.

Nevertheless, people who prefer traditional transportation methods can rely on the well-developed transportation infrastructure that links the Countryside Fisheries with the neighboring counties and cities. Choosing a the railways as the preferred commute method will bring one to the fisheries’ grounds in less than three hours, regardless of the departure location. By bus, the same person can reach the Countryside Fisheries in under four hours, since the road network is somewhat “tangled”.

Those who decide on coming on their own to the fishing facilities, will benefit from an embedded satellite and physical map, which can be accessed on the lower section of this page. Classic navigation controls are available, allowing one to pan, draw, move or zoom in/out of the preferred areas with ease. All the roads in the network are available for download as a separate vector file, which can be easily imported into users’ mobile or GPS devices and used for an easier navigation.

Traditionalists are also addressed, since the website provides a dedicated printout map which can be printed on large format paper and used for classic navigation. Nevertheless, no matter which navigation and transportation method they choose, people who come to the Countryside Fisheries are advised to inform the customer support staff prior to their arrival, in order to be received and guided as circumstances require.