Those who prefer a more dynamic style of fishing will be able to enjoy the spinning fishing sessions that are offered at the fisheries. Seen by many as the choice of young fishermen and a more modern type of fishing, spinning requires anglers to constantly use their intuition and move, in accordance with the peculiarities of the targegood-way-to-be-aloneted fish species.

Simply put, spinning is a more demanding approach, both for the anglers themselves, as well as for the guides, who need to constantly track the fish in order to offer a qualitative fishing session. As is the case with the coarse and match fishing techniques offered at the Countryside Fisheries, the spinning gear provided through the rental services is of top quality.

Offering only carbon and composite rods, the specialized staff has gone one step further and supply the rental stocks with custom-made spinning rods alone for the customer. Basically, this means that customers who choose to come and perform their spinning sessions will benefit from prime quality rods, which have been handcrafted by individuals who have been building rods for many generations. The choice of reels remains the same, like the high end models from Shimano or Daiwa, such as Stella or Exist.

Additional pieces of equipment, in the form of clothing and footwear can also be provided on special request, and all that a customer needs to do is to send in their measurements, prior to arriving at the fisheries.

Since the spinning sessions will be carried out mostly on the water courses and not the lakes, you will be taken around with your guide by means of top of the line Land Rover Defender vehicles. Where car-accessible roads are not available, there are numerous walking trails that provide quick and direct access to many fishing points along all rivers.