Clearly, the natural landscape that constitutes the grounds of the Countryside Fisheries is by far the main attraction. To those who are familiar with the landscapes that can be seen in national parks such as Yosemite or Yellowstone, the entire domain of the fisheries might seem to be taken straight from a fairy tale. It is no wonder that those who come here are always impressed with the scenic landscape and the available natural resources, in terms ofs3slider-fishing-03 locale and the flora and fauna.

Being divided into 26 main areas, the domain of the Countryside Fisheries stretches over a large area that could be considered by many as a natural preserve. It is precisely for this reason that those who enroll for taking part in the fishing experiences here, have to adhere to a strict code which forbids certain things and enforces numerous rules that are aimed at protecting the natural environment of the region.

Although the facilities offer several man-made ponds, these are located in the yard of the Countryside Fisheries and are about the only artificially created water bodies. The rest of the available water courses and water bodies are all of natural occurrence.

Crystal clear water and pristine habitats are what characterize the water courses and water bodies seen on the websites of the fisheries. Apart from this, there is a special service, personally employed by the owners of the Countryside Fisheries, that ensures that all the natural elements present in the fishing areas are maintained as they should be and that people respect the imposed rules. Landscape reconstruction and other processes are just some of the tools that ensure that the fishing grounds are always in top condition and that nature is still able to follow its course.

When returning to the actual grounds of the facilities, the landscape becomes a bit more urbanized, simply because of the fact that here entertainment aspects are also present, such as sports activities, and socializing areas that are designed specifically for the purpose they serve.